Special Yoga Event in August and September

Eve Pettitt, Yoga Teacher & Artist, will be leading the yoga teaching on our Samacitta Retreat 25 Aug - 1st September 2017 at Prato di Sotto. Eve offers gentle, alignment based Hatha yoga, strongly focused on the breath and spinal integration, encouraging personal exploration and a truly embodied practice. She helps to establish patterns in the physical body which invite the flow of prana to move freely in a balanced and effortless manner. Exploring and discovering the body and mind through asana, pranayama and meditation, engaging with a deep sense of interconnected wholeness. She encourages an intelligent and conscious approach to the postures, finding grounding, stability and expansion. Eve lives in London and is currently assisting on a yoga teacher training at TriYoga Chelsea. She is not only a knowledgeable yoga teacher but also a highly accomplished artist with a Masters in Fine Art. For more information and to book your place please go to www.samacitta.com/what-we-do/

If you are interested in joining the upcoming retreat at Prato di Sotto please register your interest by going to our website at  www.samacitta.com  or send us an email at life@samacitta.com.   Our next retreat is during the last bank holiday weekend of the summer 25 August - 1st September - we will have  Eve Pettitt teaching yoga at Prato di Sotto in Umbria which is an exquisite private space in the green heart of Italy in the holy mountains with a huge long, long pool and lots and lots of space to rest, restore, and soak up Nature... Spaces are limited to maximum 12- 14 (in Umbria) so please don’t delay in booking!    If you don’t get the chance to join us in August, in September Eve Pettitt will again be teaching yoga on our Become the Witness retreat, again at Prato di Sotto 18-25 September.  Each retreat is unique of itself,  each led with a unique style and approach but all with a common thread: self-acceptance and surrender to our true self. The aim is to allow for you to connect deeply with yourselves and to get beyond personality into becoming the observer, the witness and the voice within that is connected to life force itself - to find more alignment with your higher selves, to hear and listen to your soul and to allow silence, contemplation and the inner truth and the ever-present knowing within to come forth so that you may have respite from that incessant monkey-chattering mind and literally rest yourself within your body.  We invite you to literally dive into being - into a richer, deeper experience of yourselves.  There will be twice daily asana practice, meditation, free-time and integration time and bodywork time at each.  Please join us. 

Contact us for information or to make a booking